Selling Teaching Resources Online: A Guide

Image depicting a cell phone alongside a coffee mug. “Rephrasing the following text without plagiarizing by altering its structure while retaining its original meaning.” The text can be rephrased by altering its structure without changing the context or meaning. The markdown formatting should be preserved. On July 26th, 2021, Issuu published this…
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Understanding Forex Technical Analysis

During the previous lessons, we were introduced to the concept of fundamental analysis and its impact on the prices of currencies. We also discussed the various macroeconomic factors that play a role in forex trading. In this lesson, we will focus on technical analysis, which makes up the other half…
Technical analysis

An In-Depth Manual for Analyzing News

Exploring the Mechanics: Analyzing News in the Stock Market The stock market is considered a measure of the economy in the finance world, representing the overall thoughts and feelings of investors globally. Despite its unpredictable changes, there are complex patterns and underlying factors that influence market behavior. A crucial aspect…
Market news and analysis

Exploring the intricacies of educational funding

Directorate for Education and Skills Senior Analyst In 2013, during the release of the OECD’s initial global assessment on school resource policies, we were not entirely ready for the investigative nature of the project. The OECD Review of School Resources encompasses 18 educational systems and strives to bring attention to an aspect…
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Understanding Fundamental Analysis

This approach is designed to assess the worth of the underlying organization. It considers the intrinsic value of the stock, taking into consideration economic circumstances, industry factors, as well as the financial state and management performance of the company. A fundamental analyst would thoroughly examine the balance sheet, income statement,…
Stock analysis and recommendations