Understanding Forex Technical Analysis

During the previous lessons, we were introduced to the concept of fundamental analysis and its impact on the prices of currencies. We also discussed the various macroeconomic factors that play a role in forex trading. In this lesson, we will focus on technical analysis, which makes up the other half…
Technical analysis

A Comprehensive Guide to Analyzing Market Trends

As a trader or investor, understanding market trends is crucial for making informed decisions. One powerful tool that can help you analyze these trends is technical analysis. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the basics of technical analysis, explore key principles, and discuss common tools and indicators…
Technical analysis

The Fundamentals of The Technical Analysis

You’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of possibilities available if you’ve only recently started to dabble in trading and investing and are seeking guidance on where and how to spend your money. Based on the skills they’ve acquired from their many occupations, the majority of industry specialists invest…
Technical analysis

The Top 5 Stock Market Technical Analysis Tools

One essential skill set that every trader needs to have is technical analysis. In order for theory to comprehend price changes and volatility, which are inherent to the stock markets, it is crucial that traders are able to assess equities utilizing a variety of technical analysis tools. For the average…
Technical analysis